Frozen Lumberjack

Loggersports Poster
We are very excited to invite you all to UofA’s very first Loggersports competition – The Frozen Lumberjack Challenge. We have been working in partnership with the Town of Morinville and their available logger site, we can’t wait to host you.
The events will run all day on March 25 2017, followed by the award dinner.  Get your Dinner Tickets here online by clicking here now.
The UofA Forest Society and the Timberwolves feel like this will be a unique opportunity for professionals to connect with students and allow for them to ”show off” their skills when it comes to loggersports.
Accommodations will be available at the near by Plaza Hotel. The dinner hall is located across from the logger sports grounds. More details will come as we get closer to the date.
If you would like to participate please download, fill out and return this form to the email address provided. Loggersports-signup
If you would like to get involved please email Veronic at
I hope to see you all there,
the UofA Timberwolves.